About Us

At OC Commercial Management (OCCM) we offer a total management package to ensure your property is maintained in an efficient and reliable manner; and is compliant with all the legislative and regulatory requirements under the OC Act 2006.  We are a proactive problem solving team with effective solutions. Our goal is not only asset protection, but to increase your property value into the future.


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Why Should You Choose OC Commercial Management?

As distinct from real estate agents whose sole focus is sales and leasing; at OC Commercial Management, we specialise and are committed to superior owners corporation management. Directors have a combined experience of over 25 years within the industry in both residential and commercial properties.


  • Our expertise is with commercial property management
  • Our extensive network of contacts enables us to procure competitive prices for ongoing maintenance and repairs
  • Our various network of alliances with trusted and proven companies. ie. Insurance broker, legal team, essential services consultants and financial institution.
  • Easily accessible certificates of currency from the member login
  • Proactive processing and resolution of insurance claims
  • Competitive quotes for insurance renewal
  • Structured process for debt collection to ensure liquidity of property funds.
  • State-of-the-art, web based software which includes accrual accounting, and transparent reporting is available to members through members login 24/7
  • Electronic filing - which ensures easy retrieval of all documentation allowing immediate despatch upon request
  • Electronic outgoing and incoming correspondence saving you on additional disbursement costs
  • Multiple payment methods of contributions ensuring maximum income stream for property accounts
  • Member’s Login allowing members access to selected property information
  • Accountable and accessible maintenance and repairs reporting
  • Commitment to ongoing staff training and development



  • Budgeting and reporting
  • Access 24/7 through member login
  • OC certificates
  • AGM, committee, and grievance meetings
  • Site visits
  • Essential services compliance
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Insurance claims and renewals
  • Member contribution and debt collection
  • Security access registers and despatch database
  • Financial management and investment of funds
  • Common seal
  • 10 year maintenance plans
  • OH & S audit reports
  • Payment of creditors
  • Interest on arrears
  • Maintenance of correspondence and archiving
  • Establishment and maintenance of OC register
  • Ballots
  • Minutes
  • Complaints and dispute resolution
  • Statutory and regulatory obligations
  • Establishment and registering of consolidated Rules
  • Compliance with all defined duties of manager as the section 122 of the OC Act 2006


OC Commercial Management offers consultancy to owners corporations at a fee per hour.

Whether you wish for advice, need assistance with the transition to new management or need to check on a matter, OC Commercial Management has the expertise, knowledge and experience to assist.

Drawing on many years of hands-on experience, knowledge of the OC Act 2006 as well as a network of legal associates, OC Commercial Management will unravel and enlighten your issues, striving for a reasonable resolution.


Developer Alliance

At OC Commercial Management (OCCM) we offer a total management package to ensure your newly registered Owners Corporations are established in an efficient and reliable manner; and are compliant with all the legislative and regulatory requirements under the OC Act 2006.  We are a proactive problem solving team with effective solutions.  After the initial establishment of the owners corporation, OCCM’s goals include asset protection which ensures the property values are maintained into the future.


OCCM can manage the owners corporation aspect of your project from the development planning stage, liaising with your surveyor on common property matters or alternatively after the registration of the plan of subdivision, right through to the final lot settlements.  This enables you to focus on the development of your project.  Having completed the comprehensive foundation work for your owners corporation, OCCM can then confidently continue to manage the owners corporation with the same level of care and attention fulfilling the expectation and objectives of all owners.


Privacy Policy

OC Commercial Management Pty Ltd is bound by the obligations of the Privacy Act 1998 as amended by the Privacy amendments (private sector) Act 2000 regarding the collection, storage, use, disclosure and handling of any personal information.  We will protect the privacy of your personal information by access controls and security measures. 


We will use the information you provide for the purposes of managing the Owners Corporation.  We may disclose your personal information to third parties if it deemed necessary to progress the normal course of business or in the event of public safety and or emergency.